services-1We Help You Get Automated

PrimaTest values the relationships they build with their clients and work hard to become a part of your team. Creating this close bond allows PrimaTest to integrate with your process and use their many scalable and maintainable solutions to help you start automated your test cases fast.


End-to-End Automation Process

We want to make your experience working with us is a pleasant one and in order to achieve that goal, we’ve made sure that the whole automation testing process, from our end product to your end user, eliminates as many middle steps as possible in order to optimize testing performance.

Professional Automation Services To Meet Your Needsservices-2

No matter what challenge you are trying to tackle: be it designing an automation process from scratch or improving upon an established system, we have your solution. Our methods have been proven by numerous software industries throughout the years and the experience behind the help our staff provides has no equal.

services-3Automate User Experiences

An automated user experience was essential when creating our testing environment. By reducing the amount of user interaction to a minimum, our system will appeal to a larger user-base and allow for any member of your team to comfortably and confidently run tests for your product.

services-4Supporting Agile Development Automation Testing

Agile development automation testing promotes a high degree of collaboration throughout the testing process by breaking tasks into smaller, easier to handle segments. By doing this, the testing environment is able to respond to changes in a more rapid and flexible way.

services-5Continuous Integration

We understand the importance of getting results ‘right here, right now’ and to that affect PrimaTest fully enables automation to work in Continuous Integration environment. We make sure that automation execution happens for the all the unique and current needs and that a team member can easily access and understand the results.

services-6Web, Mobile, Desktop, Web Services Automation

PrimaTest solutions for testing are all-inclusive. From UI testing interfaces like Web, Desktop and Mobile to make sure that your product is working the way it should to testing it in back-end environments such as Web services, Database, etc. We address all of these automation needs with a unified solution and ensure that the automated test cases are scalable and maintainable.

services-7Automation Training

Every one of PrimaTest’s clients will have the necessary support and training available at their fingertips in order to work within our automated testing solution. By providing our Clients with these tools, every member of your team can begin using our solutions to automate your product like a pro.

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Functional Production Monitoring

Problem: Many companies across multiple industries have found that their current performance tools, while monitor your logs and server availability, cannot ensure that your product is functioning properly. For example: A simple java script error could prevent a user from logging in. Unfortunately for you, your performance monitoring tool might not make you aware of the problem.

Solution: That’s where PrimaTest comes in. The only way to be 100% certain that your product is fully functional is to simulate your end user in your testing environment. Through User Experience Design Flow, continuous testing on your production environment for the life of the test and giving you instant notifications when problems occur, we have figured out how. Now you will feel secure in the knowledge that your product that went live is still being continuously tested and reports any functional issues that user might have.